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ecommerce sEO services by NOVA

Nova SEO Services in Toronto, Canada implements robust, Ecommerce seo services, and online marketing solutions for all types of businesses and niches.

Drive Traffic to your Website:

  • Statistics suggest that users are more likely to flock to a website that has been suggested by a major search engine. We optimize keywords which will help you get more clicks on your website. This implies that you will have to engage the services of top SEO companies that will aid you in getting trustworthy references by search engines, which will lead to a larger traffic inflow.
  • Audience targeting in the SEO context is a two-way road. This is because an audience turns to your website with certain expectations that you must keep up with to keep your traffic inflow intact. We provide the service of link building which will link your current pages to your original website to make it easy for your customers to browse.
  • This also means that if you design your webpages, your content, and make other pivotal investments in your website, it will lead to more traffic on your website. We optimize your website pages with proper description and images. This, however, is a challenging task to accomplish that can be done by a professional eCommerce SEO services company that understands the impact that Search Engine Optimization has on user traffic.

Our SEO Process:

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of the best SEO Company.

  • Discover Opportunities:

The easiest way to be more visible online is to write superior content. This quote is something we have heard multiple times before. SEO has more to it than just good content. This can be done by tapping on your SEO opportunities and milking them for a boost in your online traffic and business.

  • Project brief:

 It is important to ask the right questions before embarking on a brand new professional journey with a client. Gathering information at an early stage prevents raising singular queries in the future and helps with the smooth execution of a project. Only after all the relevant data has been collected, can discovery for opportunities begin. This information could include access to client databases, goals and key performance indicators. It could also include the client’s present-day ROI and goal ROI.

  • Keyword research:

 Research is a pivotal part of providing services, as, without intel, a professional would be clueless about the opportunities it has. Manual research is required to be conducted at times to filter out opportunities to base content on. Top search results with a lower Domain Authority are ideal for this purpose as it is convenient to beat them to the first position.

  • SEO Audit: 

This is an indispensable step in SEO service as it helps filter out bugs in the project. It helps in the assessment of the off-page and on-page activity and helps detect technical issues. It also helps with duplicate content related problems and identifies a website’s potential. It is essentially a doctor’s visit for your website, as it helps identify the strong and weak points in the websites that can be worked upon to maximize traffic.

  • Competitive analysis: 

An audit or analysis of the activities and steps taken by your competitors for SEO helps the client’s project. It helps determine the on-page and off-page factors that affect your website's rank. Comparing the SEO strategies used by your competition can help you identify areas and ideas that can be used by you for higher traffic inflow. It helps identify what could work effectively in the market to give the business a boost.

Components of Search Engine Optimization 

  • Website-This is the very first thing you notice and create. We tend to be are there for you from the very creation of your web site. Once you create an internet site you may notice these things:-
  • A page title-This essentially means that the title of your web site or blog page. We offer effective and relevant page title recommendation as per the client’s needs.
  • Meta Description- This refers to the precis of your entire web site in less than one hundred fifty words. This is often what appears on the search engine results once the relevant topic is searched. We offer a good description of your web site using the best-suited keywords.
  • Headings- A correct and impactful heading is incredibly necessary for attracting an audience and keeping that in mind we give you the most effective heading structure with applicable keywords.
  • Sitemap- It is additionally important to mark your presence within the search engines results and that we provide you with all the assistance needed for making and submitting a hypertext mark-up language sitemap.
  • Content- It is incredibly necessary once it involves attracting the audience. Although you have got everything right and you do not have the proper content then nobody will come to your web site.
  • Inbound links- These are links from some external source pointing towards your web site pages. We offer you with all the assistance you need with this. We tend to use prime quality of PA and DA that determines the standard of your blog within the search engine results.


Keywords play an awfully necessary role within the way your web site can appear in the search engine results. We offer you the simplest potential keywords which can confirm the worth of your web site within the search engine results. We tend to produce undetectable backlinks and anchor text which can divert the search engine results to your official web site page. Opportunities can be discovered by researching on newsletters pertaining to the client’s industry and subscribing to it. Not only must one subscribe to content that ranks higher on the quality scale but also the crude and subpar content as they are a pool of keyword opportunities.

• Traffic

All these ways can mechanically increase the traffic drive on your web site. We tend to keep a track of the overall number of views on your pages and also the quantity of time spent on them. With the increment in all these factors, the bounce rates mechanically decrease as individuals take appropriate action on your web site and that they keep returning.

• Website Ranking

When everything in your web site is correct and working you may notice your site rank increasing day by day and not only domestically but also globally and unconditionally. We offer you a detailed comparison report on how your website ranks as compared to different rival sites.

• Optimization

This refers to any changes that needed to be done on your web site. And for this, we offer you with recommendations like minimizing the codes and reducing the dimensions of your pictures for best optimum results. This can permit your web site to load in no time and your presence among the users will increase.

Services we provide under SEO:

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer. We offer effective tips as in how you will be able to improvise your website’s presence. You must use media in your pages so as to permit the search engines to better find your presence.

On-Page SEO:

It is a challenge to make you heard in a loud marketplace that is bustling with competitors.

  • Contrary to what an off-page SEO does, on-page SEO takes all the aspects of your website into consideration. It includes HTML source codes as well as content on the webpage. This helps gather more traffic for your website and makes it visibility higher, along with improving your site’s rankings.
  • The best method of increasing your user interaction is by staying relevant. Relevance can be established by appropriately answering user queries. This can increase your website’s chance of enticing a user into opening it and continuing to stay on it, thereby increasing your traffic.
  • We try linking popular and relevant website in order to enhance your onsite time. We also provide your readers with engaging content and we give them exactly what they want from your website.
  • This all can be made easy by staying abreast with your on-page SEO information that not only helps your website in performing its functions with superiority but also makes your website easily visible and accessible for your target audience. After taking these necessary steps for SEO, an analysis can be conducted to see the performance of your website’s anatomy.

Off-Page SEO:

There is more to off-page SEO than just link building that is what this service is about.

  • Unlike on-page SEO, off-page one revolves around activities that one can carry out outside the border of one’s website. This includes social media marketing, social bookmarking, and building links. Off-page SEO gives the client an insight into how the internet perceives its website.
  • A website with better content quality and use will naturally rank higher with more mentions social media platforms. This helps the client in increasing their rankings and gaining exposure for their website.

Local SEO: 

About 46% of searches on Google have a “local intent”. Local SEO agency uses this statistic to its favor by helping clients market their business online.

  • It helps promote their products and business locally while customers look at them online. A top local SEO agency also has a more targeted and systematic approach than general SEO service does.
  • To be a part of Google’s Snack Pack, local SEO companies help clients with improving their rankings and relevance. A top-rated SEO agency typically helps its client in increasing the traffic to their website from search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.
  • This traffic is organic, that is, completely natural. Since most shoppers begin their online shopping experience with a simple Google search, eCommerce SEO becomes incredibly important.

 Best digital marketing agencies also indulge in obtaining similar results for their website and businesses. Digital services and products are promoted by way of eCommerce SEO by a digital marketing company. A full-fledged digital marketing agency is well equipped with tools to ensure their creations get maximum exposure.

Why Choose Nova Seo Services

We have the best team of experts and we can provide you with the best possible results. You can drive traffic to your web site by using a number of the most effective and modern techniques that we have to supply. We tend to believe that content is key and thus before we involve more into your business directly we wish to do our preparation well before the execution of the campaign.

We offer you a series of a questionnaire asking you regarding your needs and your expectations. We tend to believe that analysis is imperative and understanding your goals and aspirations will facilitate us perform higher and can conjointly enable us to modify ourselves and also keep a track of all the rival competitors in your explicit field. We strategically choose the keyword that describes your website best and which can enhance the search engine filters thereby driving traffic to your web site.

When you at the start build an internet site there are certain factors you may notice. And being a beginner we tend to suppose that it is not going to be simple for you to know and effectively operate all these sections. So as to assist you with this and build an economical and productive web site, we here give certain factors which can help you with the search engine optimization.

You must additionally use applicable keywords in your article title and use appropriate heading formats so as to form all of your segments a lot of simply classifiable. We have a tendency to additionally give you an internal linking technique which can improve your visibility within the search engines.

We further offer you with relevant anchor text so as to heighten the authority of your domain. We tend to produce valuable backlinks and additionally give you a link which can drive the search engines back to your page.

Affordable SEO services Pricing & Plans

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