May 29, 2020

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Interested in Writing a Guest Post for us?

Are you a marketing guru who is looking to share their knowledge through publishing guest posts? We are looking for expert bloggers who specialize in writing about digital marketing – helping readers especially with their online marketing issues including generating demand, lead management, website optimization, content marketing and measuring ROI.

It’s easy for you to get involved, just ​submit your article to the form on this page. ​We will review your ​article, then we will get back in touch with you if we like what we see.

What Kind of Content Do We Want?

There are two kinds of post which we especially like to see:

  1. How-to – These are posts which are typically made up of lists, how-to's or specific examples. They will talk people through how to do something specific and link through to other helpful resources. When you write and submit your ‘how-to’ post, you should provide the data that backs up your information, examples, and some actionable tips.
  2. Strategy – By showing examples and data to back up what you are saying, strategy posts are designed to help online marketers with the strategies behind creating demand. They will take people through the day-to-day side of online marketing ideas, philosophies and strategies for effective SEO.

What Kind of Content Are We Not Interested In?

  • Any basic SEO guidelines, e.g. “How To Get Started in SEO” or “Website Optimization Techniques“
  • Broad, generic topics – “How SEO Helps Your Business”
  • Anything already on the web somewhere, including your own blog

If you keep your article focused on a strong topic, you have a higher likelihood of being published.

If you get Accepted…

If we decide that your ​post is something that we’d like to ​publish and something that our readers would benefit from seeing, we will get in touch with you and let you know within a few days – although it might take a little bit longer if there is a particularly high demand. It is now time to write your finished article and here are some guidelines to what we need from you:

  • Your article needs to be 700-2000 words
  • It can include both inbound and outbound links
  • Two links can be pointed at your website – one in the content, and one in your bio. These will be Do Follow.
  • It must be focused on giving information and helping others and not about business promotion or boosting sales.
  • We retain the right to edit your article.
  • It must contain only completely unique and original content.
  • If you are going to include quotes, statistics or research carried out by other people, you must include source information.
  • Your article must be both professional but friendly in tone – use good vocabulary, easy to read and most of all, make it interesting.
  • You are allowed to use graphics or images – they need to be credited.
  • You should also submit a short biography about yourself including –
    • Your Name.
    • What you do as a job and a brief description of it if need be.
    • A 260-character (max) description of yourself, what you like to do for work and hobbies.
    • A clear picture of you in PNG or JPEG format.
    • Your social media handles for​ Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

When your article has been published, we will send you the URL link to it, allowing you to promote it on your social media networks, website or any other method that you wish.

If you don`t follow the guidelines, we reserve the right to check your article for quality and will reject articles which aren`t up to our required standard. 

Delayed articles might result in loss of publication, and the submission of a post won`t always guarantee its publication.

  • Select a category for your post
  • Which page you would like the backlink?
  • Please mention Full name of the post Author
  • Please mention About the Author. Dont forget to add social links.
  • Please make sure the content is above 700 Words and Under 5000 Words.
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